Early Morning, Old Crow

River Arts District
Asheville, NC



Stolen from my nightmares
or my memories.
Sometimes they are hard to decipher, aren’t they?

Long gone but then again not.
Buried in my limbic system
unearthing in tiny glimpses…

Like this? Like this and that and no.
I care not to remember the time.
Flooding and flushing.
I have no choice.

All this distance back again
and again
and again.

This discovery

You were right
It was here
Amid the rubble
Amid the chiggers and the mosquitos
Amid those words we said in anger
Amid those things that we’d like to forget.

I found that it was just how you said but, those days (like these days), I never believed the things that you said.

You tripped me up or I stepped down, its been too long.
Its been too long.
Its been too long.

Your heart, it did break. Let’s be honest, I thought it couldnt snap just because of cold. I thought these things were stronger somehow.

Somehow, the weather changed, didnt it? When winter came, I left you. I left you exposed to that harshness. Your heart, it did break.

The first lines – Weapon

“I’ll be back in a few minutes”, he said.

I bit my tongue and not in the whole I-wish-I-could-say-something-but-I-know-I-shouldn’t-so-I-won’t sort of way. I bit my tongue until i could feel its fleshiness sinking into my teeth, until I could taste blood. I bit my tongue until it stopped hurting. They said I should have had stitches. Luckily, mouth’s heal quickly.

I thought that you should know that’s who you’re dealing with here.


Long Desert Train – Jason Molina

‎”Said you’d never be old enough
or young enough,
Tall enough,
Thin enough,
Smart enough,

Brave enough,
Rich enough,
Pretty enough,
Strong enough,
Good Enough.
You were to us.”