It’s Always Lighter Than You Know

“We do not have to be ashamed of what we are. As sentient beings we have wonderful backgrounds. These backgrounds may not be particularly enlightened or peaceful or intelligent. Nevertheless, we have soil good enough to cultivate; we can plant anything in it.”
― Chögyam TrungpaCutting Through Spiritual Materialism

Let’s see here
And here
And here
There is a certain something, Isn’t there?

Before I have even started to look, I’d found that sound in the cicada songs
and maybe in the sound of the thunder.

Sure, I was alone and it was night but now, I question that.
It always feels like, seems like, looks like light.

When the guru passed did we know? Did we get the message?
Lean in,
Lean in,
Lean in,
This is going to be his last word but what is it that we all hear, here?

Chogyam, dear rinpoche, what did you say? “Pass me another gin”?


The Art of Getting Down To It

it seems to elude me today.