Jason Molina Split My Heart

First, I find that when something is deep I am shallow. Forgive me for my inability to articulate now…
Every Day for as long as I have known who I am, I have found the soundtrack to my life in the music of Jason Molina. Everything I thought I wanted to capture in photos, he was able to convey in his music.
It split my heart, last weekend, when when I learned of his passing.
Back when I scribbled, I had the chance to meet him and interview him, along the railroad tracks, under the moon, with beers in hands. I am grateful for this wonderful, cherished memory.
Along this life here now, I hear his songs all the time. These hills of Asheville seem to fit the music better than any other.

I wish him safe passage on this old highway.


Barely Above

The only thing that matters is the sound of your voice
In my ear
Barely above a whisper.

Asheville, 1948

I often think I was intended for another time.

Early Morning, Old Crow

River Arts District
Asheville, NC


Stolen from my nightmares
or my memories.
Sometimes they are hard to decipher, aren’t they?

Long gone but then again not.
Buried in my limbic system
unearthing in tiny glimpses…

Like this? Like this and that and no.
I care not to remember the time.
Flooding and flushing.
I have no choice.

All this distance back again
and again
and again.