Early morning, the birds are chirping, the cat is purring. Im unsure what i’m feeling. A heavy head from a night of sobriety and worry, not a good mix. Im sick but I’m well really. Homesick for a place I’ve never lived perhaps.  2300 miles is really a world away, I should consider tho, that I’m walking there someways. Maybe it would make the trip more manageable.

Lets see…2300 miles, 111 days. 20.72 miles a day. No wonder I’m so tired.



Forever Can't Come Soon Enough

“And miles before I sleep. And miles before I sleep”. ~Robert Frost

These windows run thru the mind, escaping quickly without sight. Who were we then and when was it? I dont recall the summer or the spring, just the winter and its dreary fall. Maybe it was then. Maybe its now. The season of our discontent. The moment that it came to pass. The year we finally decided to decide. 
“Its a long road”, he said. I nodded. I looked away.

I dont know where we lost our way. I dont know when I forgot to remember or forgot to breath. I always remembered to ramble. The pen/the sword. We’ve never been apart for too long. Faulty and longwinded. Longwinded and shortsighted. 


Far from home, far from home, far frome home

an sp for today

I think i remember that i used to take photos.