The Birdhouse Outside the House

Not my best photo!There’s a teeny birdhouse outside the front window. Its decorative mostly. As a tiny turtle painted on it. Recently, I noticed a bunch of feathers and sticks on the ground out there and initially attributed the mess to the rains and wind. I swept it up. A day or so later, more mess. Last week I finally saw that a little bird was removing the contents of the birdhouse and replacing it with stuff he/she had found. Long sticks, leaves etc.

My cat loves to watch the commotion. I too have become interested in the goings-on. I sit here (with the cat) in the living room and we both observe this great ritual of spring. It appears that babies have been born. There is high pitched cheeping coming from the little house and the parent flies about. Going in and out (i seriously dont know how it manages to squeeze thru the little entry), singing happy songs.

At the moment, the birdhouse is a little quiet but it continually sways. Someone’s fussy maybe, Maybe naptime. Just an occassionally cheepcheepcheep.

There is wondefulness all around us. These things put a song in my heart. I’m happy to be alive.


Do You Want to Come Walk with Me?

So hmm, my first post. Welcome, let me fluff up the e-pillows and begin…

The why of this is of interest to me. I’m not sure what I stand to gain if anything. Maybe just indulging my love for the written word is enough? But there’s something…I want to be read. Maybe that’s a universal for bloggers? I cant imagine not. Otherwise you’d keep a journal at your bedside right? Truth – I do but I rarely write in it.

This is a time of huge transition and learning for me. That said, I feel strong and I feel capable. What is happening these days will greatly affect my future and the future for my daughter. Maybe this will help me see things in a different light, help me to make sense of things that seem so confusing.

Maybe you’d like to come along this journey with me – see where we end up. Its bound to be an amazing adventure no matter what. I think some days I’ll ramble about stupid things. Some days I’ll not post. Some days I’ll reblog other people’s posts. But one thing you can be certain of, everything I post will be a reflection of my heart. My words like my photography are extensions of me. And I really think this is a wonderful thing. I hope others do as well.

Life is an beautiful, interesting, and sometimes difficult road.

Enjoy this journey.